About the program

For Kids

You might be asking, "What is this 'Program'?" or, "Chocolate Fat Fish© is a candy company, what type of pre-sign-up is this for?" Well, we're creating one of the BEST kid programs ever. Would you believe us if we told you that you could become a millionaire before graduating college? And that you could actually make money on our website by selling candy using the business skills we teach you? Still confused? Probably. Let's break it down.

Our company is creating a kid-entrepreneur program, and it's only for kids age 7-14 years of age. You will have a profile on your website just for you, and that is where you will spend most of your time with this program. Let's take a look at the profile (we've included some pictures). The profile section of your profile (makes sense right), is the only public section of your profile, and this includes a bio about you, candy the customer can order, and charities you donate to; Wait what? Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that you chose one of the charities we partner with. This sounds like a lot of transactions, it is; and we take care of it. 

Now, back to your profile. The following are only for you to see (that means the customer won't be able to see it). Next up is your sales section. Here you will find information about your sales.  After that, you have your account section. This is just your information, which you can edit. Before that, however, is the subscription section. It's just for the status of your membership and tier. Lastly, you have the video section. This is currently under construction but this is where you will learn about marketing, sales, negotiating, starting a business, and many more. We will also have monthly video calls where you and your team can discuss progress, what you learned, and how to do better next month.


Of course there is so much more to this program, like what level you start out at, how you get sales off your profile, if you ask your friends to join, will they be on the same team as you, and lots more questions. But that's only for when you sign up.


P.s. If we used some words you didn't know in that description, it'll probably be the first thing you learn in the program. Before the program starts, you will receive an email with other helpful information to insure you succeed.